Jersualem Pink, Maeve Brennan
The Blushing Valley, Gery Georgieva
17 min 28 sec

We see so many beautiful photographs of sunsets. They were taken on business trips by Mehmet Bey, the engineer in charge of demolishing the block of flats across Özden’s family house, and received exchange for the footage she has accidentally captured of the demolition crane breaking down (enabling Mehmet Bey to make an insurance claim to the manufacturers). This is only one complex chain of relations in a short film full of many, proving the impossibility of a self portrait not to become other portraits and things — tattoos, a 19th century elevator, an upstairs neighbour who is also a lawyer, 13 flights of stairs,  a heart surgery for Mother, an admiration for home-produce guns, and the HMO (Heavy Machinery Operators Association). What connects all the disparate elements is a shared life, amongst political tensions and frustrating systems.
Selft-Portrait, Other Portraits and Things, Özden Demir
Desktop Compositions #5, HP Parmley