Jersualem Pink, Maeve Brennan
The Blushing Valley, Gery Georgieva
Jerusalem Pink
Maeve Brennan

41 min 10 sec

"The Dome of the Rock is alive – almost in the same sense that a man is alive. It changes its tissues and it renews its structure in order to maintain power to enshrine the soul that is in it." Written in 1924 by Maeve’s great-grandfather — the architect in charge of The Dome’s restoration — these words describe how material things are transformed at once by human history and geological time; by religion and tectonic plates, by decoration and erosion. Through her encounters in Jerusalem with an architect, an archeologist, a stone worker and a geologist, Maeve traces the relationships around the site. It becomes increasingly clear that the subject can not be the stone itself, but only all the practices that extract, maintain, preserve, understand, exchange, neglect, and value it. The panning observations unfold slowly and reveal that responsibility is taken upon will and exercised through a long labour of care.
Selft-Portrait, Other Portraits and Things, Özden Demir
Desktop Compositions #5, HP Parmley