Jersualem Pink, Maeve Brennan
The Blushing Valley, Gery Georgieva
13 min 32 sec

1) “The limits of growth are inscribed in the affective body of cognitive work” and 2) “The full deployment of the general intellect falls beyond the sphere of capitalism.”* To the minds exhausted from accelerated and precarious cognitive labour, HP offers a new exhaustion — this one at peace with itself and back in touch with the flesh of life. The floating clips, sounds, states, images and moments come together in a rhythm that produces more emotion than information. This emotion is then turned into a critical call for a new temporality, a renewed consideration in our movements, a post-capitalist “savoir-faire”.

*Franco “Bifo” Berardi, The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance (Los Angeles: Semiotexte, 2012), p. 77, p.142.
Selft-Portrait, Other Portraits and Things, Özden Demir
Desktop Compositions #5, HP Parmley