Jersualem Pink, Maeve Brennan
The Blushing Valley, Gery Georgieva
The Blushing Valley
Gery Georgieva

3 min 45 sec

A woman dressed in elaborate costume dances alone across a field of roses before abruptly disappearing from sight. She is not the artist, but perhaps the Great Mother-Goddess, on whom depends “the fresh spring renewal”, or The Rose Queen, crowned as the winner of a beauty pageant in Bulgaria for the ceremonies of the rose-picking season. In this single long scene beginning with the original crowning speech, the beautiful valley and the dancing body get conflated with nationalist belonging and consumerism. Yet as the sun lowers, the sounds die away and the movement is rid of all voice-over, something remains in the silence —  a glimpse of youth outside identity, prosperity outside the nation state and collectivity outside popular culture.
Selft-Portrait, Other Portraits and Things, Özden Demir
Desktop Compositions #5, HP Parmley